Course Structure


 The PAD offers TWO 3yr course including 2 year BTEC Level 3, Extended Diploma in Performing Arts & Acting. We also offer a 1yr pre-vocational course which is fully funded.

Our courses have been developed, to emulate and prepare students for the next level of training, while providing guidance and support on personal development and managing themselves professionally. Each student will receive a high level of tuition from industry professionals in a wide range of performing arts subjects, preparing them for the important next step.

Our goal is to find talented young people with a raw talent and passion to be the best they can be.
— The PAD Course Director, Daniel keating

Course requirements


We are looking for raw talent that can be developed and a passion to perform, together with a willingness to learn and explore your full potential. Experience is not necessary, as full training in all disciplines is provided. 

Year one overview


Students will have an exciting and varied timetable, allowing them to develop their specialist talents, whilst at the same time exploring and discovering new skills and disciplines.  Our aim is to allow each student to grow in all areas as a performer.

 The focus in the first year will be on completing and passing the first 90 credits of your chosen BTEC Level 3, Extended Diploma qualification, while developing the technical foundations and skills required to achieve your dream. Running alongside your major disciplines, each student will study the foundations of all Performing Arts disciplines to ensure you are a well rounded performer with a strong understanding of what's required of you within the industry. Strong foundations are set in year one with conditioning & limbering exercises also covered in class.

Each student will be entered for their first graded examinations in one or more of the following depending on what you are majoring in. This could include Ballet, Modern Dance and Tap through the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance and Acting and Singing technique through LAMDA and LCM examination boards. Each student will be individually assessed to ensure they are entered into the correct graded syllabus to begin building UCAS points.  

 Performance opportunities will arise during this year in The PAD’s annual show and appearances at the local theatre.

 Towards the end of the year, students will be encouraged to think about what Vocational Schools they aspire to gain a place at, based on their expertise. They are advised to attend open days and look through college prospectuses, with help from their tutors at The PAD. 


Year two overview


For students returning in year two, the key focus will be completion of the remaining available 90 credits of their chosen BTEC level 3, Extended diploma.

Throughout this busy year students are still expected to build on their skills from year one. Vocational Examinations will be taken in your major subject and supporting subjects where required such as LCM, LAMDA and ISTD to gain as many UCAS points needed to support their acceptance into further study or work. Techniques will be studied in more depth to allow them to excel in the disciplines each student requires. Lessons such as acting through song, voice, improvisation and monologue preparation are covered and the learning is solidified. 

The final string to their bow will be the performance skills they learn and apply towards the end of year two. Going through audition processes and vocational examinations will give them all the skills required for their final showcase. Students will perform in group pieces, and have the opportunity to perform solos and showcase their own work.


YEAR THREE/ one year pre-vocational course OVERVIEW


For our third year students their focus is to push their talent to the next level, mastering the technical aspects of Performing Arts and spend the maximum amount of time available focusing on the practical aspect of their future career.

Audition preparation, work experience, and building on skills already learned are all addition goals for this year.

Students who are hoping to go onto further education in Musical Theatre, Singing, Performing Arts, Acting or Dance will be taught the techniques to cope with the vigorous audition process that leads to gaining a place in these top vocational schools. From assessments in year 1 and guidance from teachers and tutors, students should have a good understanding of their own skills and which centre of study is best for that individual.  Help is also given on their personal statement and the application to these colleges.

A key aspect to our third year program is to ensure that each student continues to develop their skills to the high industry standard required. 

The intensity will be increased on vocational grades in ISTD, LAMDA and LCM with a goal to push each student through 2+ exams per discipline where possible, this will maximise UCAS points and the opportunity to move on to their preferred vocational college or university. 

In addition, we will take you through the interview process, preparation, and CV structure, develop your social skills and responsibilities for time keeping and all other aspects of personal management.