The aim of this course to not only develop the skills required to pursue future vocational training  and a career, but also to allow you to show a clear progression in your skill set that is recognised nationally.

Both first and second year students will see advancement of their talent and skills, while achieving nationally recognised qualifications, and achieving UCAS points to support their path into further education.

— Parent Shana Cutler

Each college or university will review each candidate’s application prior to being invited to audition. These qualifications highlight commitment and dedication to achieving your dream. 

 In addition each student will achieve UCAS points while studying. This will ensure you hold the pre-requisites to progress onto a degree course.

  • BTEC Level 3, Extended Diploma in Performing Arts.
  • BTEC Level 3, Extended Diploma in Acting.
  • BTEC Level 3, Extended Diploma in Singing ( Musical Theatre)
  • ISTD Ballet, Tap & Modern
  • Lamda
  • LCM Musical Theatre

What are UCAS points? Learn More 


The PADs approach

Our approach is some what different to other 6th Form Performing Arts courses. We believe that a "One Course" fits all approach will not allow our students to achieve their full potential and we feel this is our key responsibility.

Our fully funded course offers up to 30 contact hours per week, including one to one tuition, group classes, work experience and more.

Rather than choosing just a BTEC, our team decided, after a lot of research, that a more flexible, bespoke approach was required, offering a BTEC Level 3, Extended Diploma and Nationally recognised vocational graded syllabus. This will ensure each student maximises their skill, talent and passion while learning all round knowledge about each element.

Individually, we have an area that we feel is "Our thing". Whether you're a dancer, singer or actor, each element is key to achieving your goals, but wouldn't it be great to have the course built around you? That's what we offer at The PAD!

We offer a full range of VOCATIONAL qualifications all starting from grade 6, which means you start building UCAS points from day one. This also means that you can work with your tutors to achieve the highest grade possible throughout the two year training and not be held back by other peoples abilities.

Our course aim is to raise each students technical standard and performance skills. We combine this with building the confidence in obtaining a place at a vocational college or University.

 With up to 30 contact hours per week and working with our industry professional tutors, this provides each student with a greater  chance of gaining a scholarship in their future vocational training.


We offer both funded and private placements within the course. Our aim is to offer the highest level of training for talented young people that is not defined by the individual’s financial situation.

 When fees are required, these are at a realistic level and have no impact on the standard of tuition offered.

 Depending on age, previous qualifications and individual circumstances, students could be able to access this training free through a government funded program.

 We assess each student’s eligibility and discuss funding options.

 For privately paying students, course fees are £3300 per year. Students may be eligible for support from charities as well as career development loans. Our team would be happy to discuss this with you to find the best way of funding your course.